MIM – NRCC Goes After Childers For Huckabee Comments; uses Childers’ close ties to Joey Langston

Over the weekend, Brad Morris- chief of staff for Rep. Childers- said this about former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee: “Why would he bring in a guy who lets murderers loose on the street?” During his time as governor, Huckabee granted clemency to an Arkansas inmate who is now accused of killing four Washington state police officers.

Huckabee still maintains a high profile in GOP circles, and will be hosting a fundraiser for Alan Nunnelee next week.

The National Republican Congressional Committee hit back saying this about Childers’ ties (and support) for Joey Langston:

Childers wrote a fawning leniency letter for ex-business partner Joey Langston, a criminal convicted of corruptly influencing a judge on behalf of disgraced trial lawyer Dickie Scruggs:

“Here are some of the comments from the nearly 340 letters to [U.S. District Chief Judge Michael P.] Mills, most asking for leniency for Langston, 51…Travis Childers, U.S. congressman, longtime friend…I only wish that every town and county in American had someone like Joey Langston. I ask you again for leniency to my friend, Joey Langston — a man who may have gotten sidetracked but has never lost his way and never will.” (Patsy Brumfield, “Langston Letters: What do some writers say?” Daily Journal, 12/13/08)

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