Nunelee: Pelosi Is “The Giant in the Valley”

In an earlier election notebook, I referenced an article where Alan Nunnelee said he would not directly respond to Angela McGlowan, saying he needs to exert his energy on the “giant roaming in the valley” rather than “family fights.”

Nunnelee expanded upon that statement in his campaign blog, when he added this:

The lesson I learned from this (1 Samuel 17:28) is that we must remain focused on the “Giant in the Valley”. If we choose not to do so, we can expend all of our energy fighting within our own family. While we are engaging in family fights, the Giant continues to roam. In 2010, the giant we face is the liberal agenda unleashed on our country by Nancy Pelosi. Our own Congressman has empowered her to advance this agenda, and she must be stopped. I’m confident in my conservative credentials and therefore I feel it is best to ignore the taunts of others within our own family and focus on our mission.

Majority in Mississippi