Nunnelee Calls Out Incumbent Democrats

This time Rep. Vic Snyder (D-AR) decided not to seek an eighth-term the day after a poll came out showing the incumbent losing by 17 points in a hypothetical 2010 match up.

In response, Nunnelee said this:

It seems that running for re-election while having to defend his support of the Pelosi agenda was too much for this Blue Dog.

As they are retiring or switching on a regular basis, it is becomming increasingly obvious that you cannot serve in the Pelosi House of Representatives as a Democrat (Blue Dog or otherwise) and remain a conservaitve. If you are a real conservative, you will either switch or quit.

If you seek re-election as a Democrat it’s because you support the Pelosi agenda.

That is obviously another indirect shot at Nunnelee’s opponent in the fall (should he win the GOP primary) as he attempts to convince voters that you cannot be a Democrat and call yourself a conservative.

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