Nunnelee Responds To Childers Ads

The Alan Nunnelee team sent out a press release this afternoon that I think could fairly be described as a response to the negative ads Travis Childers has begun running. The message: talk is cheap.

Here are a couple points Nunnelee made:

We need less talk, less attacking our political opponents, and more action to return some sense to Washington. We need less talk and bickering, and more action to reign in Congress’ uncontrolled spending. We need less talk and fighting, and more action to calm fears in the private sector to get this economy moving again. We need less talk about jobs, and more action to actually aid job creation. Less talk. More solutions.

…Anyone can make false attacks. Action, like balancing budgets, voting to cut taxes over 150 times and creating a stable business environment, takes discipline and commitment. I’m committed to running this race on ideas, not attacks. I’m committed to doing my part to take this country back.

Majority in Miss.