Nunnelee To Propose Abortion Funding Restriction on Tuesday

In a campaign email, Alan Nunnelee announced his plans to introduce legislation in the state Senate on Tuesday that will prevent the state from spending any state or federal funds on abortions as permitted in the new healthcare legislation. This will be a suspension resolution requiring a two-thirds majority in both the House and the Senate.

The two-thirds requirement is doable in the Senate. The House is a different story. While most legislators (including Democrats) call themselves pro-life, I could see a lot of Democrat oppose this for two reasons: 1) This may appear to be an attack on Obamacare and as we have seen House Democrats do not want to speak too loudly against the new legislation. 2) The sponsor is, of course, a candidate for the First District and will receive a lot of positive press for this- especially if it passes. I don’t see the Democrats doing Nunnelee any favors at this point and killing the legislation just for that reason.

Majority in MS
April 15