MIM – Opposition to Health Care grows, hurting Childers chances

The latest Rasmussen poll asking voters their opinion on healthcare reform shows some 58 percent now favor repeal. In the previous three polls, support of repeal has been steady between 54 and 55 percent. Opposition to repeal has now dipped to 38 percent, down from 42 percent the previous three weeks.

Shortly after the legislation passed, Rep. Travis Childers- who voted against the bill- said he would not push repeal. His Republican opponents soon jumped on that declaration and have not let up yet. And as the polls shows, they have good reason to do so.

As we have mentioned in the past, MS-01 registers in with a Cook PVI of R+14. The poll I am referencing was taken of likely voters nationwide, so keep that in mind when thinking of the opinions of First District voters.

From the way I see it, Childers must have been hoping this issue would slowly go away after the bills passage about a month ago. What we have seen is two things: 1) The bill is not going away and Republicans are smart for doing everything they can to keep it on voter’s minds and 2) The bill has not become any more popular since passage- it has become less popular if anything. The general theory was that Americans would like the bill after it was passed, and that might happen, but it is not happening right now. From where we stand right now, it is hard to see how the bill gains in popularity over the next five months.

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Majority in MS
April 13, 2010