MIM preview of House races

We have about two months before the general election, so I figured this would be a good time to recap what will likely be the competitive House races this fall. Some of these races are more competitive than others, and it’s still a little too early to really get a good feel on which way the district is moving.

We have 25 races listed below (about one-fifth of the House), a pretty high number, so obviously a number of them won’t be changing. But here is a look at the overall playing field:

HD 2 (Open): Nick Bain (D) vs. Chip Wood (R). This seat is being vacated by longtime Rep. Harvey Moss (D). Haley Barbour won 57 percent here four years ago.

HD 3 (Open): Tommy Cadle (D) vs. Tracy Arnold (R). This seat is being vacated by Speaker Billy McCoy (D). Barbour won 49 percent here four years ago.

Majority in Mississippi