Ross and McGlowan Put Nunnelee In A Tricky Position on SS

According to the Daily Journal, Henry Ross became the second Republican First District candidate to support some form of Social Security privatization. Ross said he would support giving younger workers the ability to invest part of their Social Security taxes into what he calls “government-advised long-term investments.” The rest of their taxes would go into the traditional system.

As we reported a couple weeks ago, Angela McGlowan is also on board in support of privatization. She has gone further saying she will “pick up the mantle of President George W. Bush’s battle to save Social Security,” calling it a “moral commitment.”

Alan Nunnelee, on the other hand, has been a bit more bashful when it comes to talk about the future of Social Security. He acknowledged the problem with the current system, but would not commit to any specifics- especially privatization.

As of right now, the DCCC has sent out at least two press releases (here and here) attacking Nunnelee for not taking a definitive stance opposing any talks of privatization. Travis Childers has also sent out a recent press release vowing to oppose any privatization.

Democrats think this is a winning issue for them (and that is a fair assumption right now), and would much rather be talking about this than the stimulus or healthcare. Travis Childers knows this and Alan Nunnelee knows this.

Majority in Miss.