Ross Says He Will Support GOP Nominee

Following the events of the past week which started with comments by Angela McGlowan saying she would not support Alan Nunnelee should he be the GOP nominee, and were then followed by an e-mail from the Prentiss County GOP chairman where he questioned McGlowan’s party loyalty amid her Nunnelee attacks, Henry Ross has now issued astatement on where he stands- and what he would do should he not be the GOP nominee:

After the primary, win or lose, I will work to ensure our party is unified to retake our rightful seat in Congress. I trust that my opponents will do the same. Ensuring our seat is retaken by a conservative is more important than any campaign alone. We need to elect conservative fighters who are unafraid of defeat and that can be counted on by the people. I promise I will work with whomever the nominee is to restore a conservative voice in November.

Majority in Miss.