The Fun That Is Redistricting Looms

Redistricting hearings are underway throughout the state as legislators hope to have new House and Senate lines drawn in time for the 2011 elections. If they fail to achieve this, legislators will have to stand for re-election the following year (2012) under the new lines.

Some background: There are ten members on the Legislative Reapportionment committee in the Senate- 5 Republicans and 5 Democrats. The committee is chaired by Sen. Terry Burton, a Republican, and the vice-chair is Sen. Tommy Dickerson, a Democrat. In the House, there are nine members on the committee- with just one Republican represented. The chair and the vice-chair, as you would imagine, are Democrats. Billy McCoy’s scorched earth policy following his narrow victory is as evident on this committee as it is anywhere.

Majority in Miss.
Aug. 23