MIM – Three A Crowd? McGlowan, Ross and Nunnelee

There is speculation that the Republican Primary could become a little crowded if Angela McGlowan decides to enter a race that already involves Alan Nunnelee and Henry Ross. I am all for the best candidate having to prove themself and come out on top in a primary, but I do not want to see a race that polarizes the Republican voting base again in the district which lead to Travis Childers being elected in the first place. I still think Nunnelee would be the favorite heading into the race if McGlowan entered. McGlowan though adds a little intrigue to the race if she runs. It would be very interesting, I think, for Mississippi to send a black, female Republican to Washington. This state has long been and continues to be stigmatized, unfairly so, as being racist and backwoods, but could you imagine the headlines this would send to the nation if it were to happen. It sure is something to think about.

Majority in Mississippi