Thursday Election Notebook

MS-01: Alan Nunnelee sent out a lengthy e-mail highlighting many of the things he has done and supported during his time in the state Senate.

MS-01: Here is a three minute clip of Henry Ross speaking at the Tea Party Express event in Tupelo over the weekend.

MS-01: Ross also sent out a press release following the event, touching on a common theme for his campaign: we need a conservative fighter in DC, not career politicians, saying both Republicans and Democrats are part of the problem.

MS-01: Angela McGlowan has to be happy with the past 24 hours. She won a Tea Party straw poll (for what that was worth), was featured prominently in a story about black Tea Party activists, and got her picture on the Drudge Report as a result. She also moved her way up into the Top 20 Google trends search for awhile yesterday.

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