Tuesday Election Notebook

MS-01: In an email blast to supporters, Alan Nunnelee provided what he calls a campaign update. One note of interest, he appears to respond to some of the criticisms from McGlowan/ DCCC that he is a tax raiser when he says: “Since being elected to the Mississippi Senate I am proud to have voted over 250 times to lower taxes for the citizens of Mississippi…Over the past two years, Governor Barbour, Lieutenant-Governor Bryant, and I have worked together to make sure your taxes are kept low. These efforts to squeeze out more efficiency’s and to streamline our state government included raising the cigarette tax so we could offset increases in your car tags and to reinstate fees for hospitals that place the burden on users rather than the general public. Hospitals pay twenty-two cents to get one dollar in return.”

MS-01: Henry Ross mailed official debate request letters to McGlowan and Nunnelee on Friday, per a press release issued today. McGlowan and Ross have talked about debates in the past, while we haven’t heard much from Nunnelee’s camp on the issue.

MS-01: There is a write-up in the Desoto Times Tribune about A.G. Baddley, an independent candidate from Hernando. He is a conservative, and says he hopes to work with the Tea Parties to make a name for himself.

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