What Does The Future Hold For Taylor and Childers?

With Childers, he obviously has nearly two decades of ties to the local courthouse Democratic machine; which is most prevalent in his home base of North Mississippi. He is close to the states most prominent Democrats- Billy McCoy, Jamie Franks and Jim Hood- who also all happen to be from the same geographical area.

But the vote on Tuesday was pretty resounding in the rejection of Childers. It was across the board from east to west. I don’t see Childers trying to run for Congress again. A statewide run is possible, but like I said 2011 is just not that far away. Obviously Childers does have a campaign team in place and generally high name recognition, but still I’d be against it. I maintain that he is best suited to be chairman of the state party.

Taylor, on the other hand, seems more likely that he would try to run for his old seat in two years. The fact that the media and institutions in South Mississippi that backed Taylor have yet to come to terms with what happened isn’t too surprising, but for Taylor to post things like this on his Facebook wall gives me the impression they are running for something.

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