What Mississippi R’s and D’s Can Learn From MA-Sen

The only similarities in Massachusetts and Mississippi might be the common first letter the two states share. In fact they are not even both states- Massachusetts afterall goes by the term Commonwealth. But, I couldn’t help but look at some trends from last night’s special election and what it could mean for Mississippi in the future.

1. Nothing Is Inevitable In Politics

That was Ted Kennedy’s seat. It had been held by a Democrat for a half-century. Massachusetts doesn’t have a single Republican in their twelve man delegation to DC. Democrats hold 178 of the 200 seats in the state legislature. And a 3-1 edge in voter registration. Yet a Republican with almost no name recognition a month ago upset “The Machine.” Granted, Martha Coakley had her weaknesses, but sill…this is Massachusetts- make that Taxachusetts. So what does that mean for Mississippi? No elections should be taken for granted. I am specifically talking about Mississippi’s Fourth Congressional District. It is considered inevitable by many people (myself included) that Rep. Gene Taylor will win re-election. However, the GOP should take notice that if you have the right candidate with the right message who catches the favorite sleeping- you can win. The timing will probably never be better.

2. Alan Nunnelee Needs To Tap Into That Anger

Majority in MS