Will Budget Struggles Be A Blessing For ‘Outsider’ Candidates?

After a week off, I’m not going to delve into what happened over the past week. But the issue of the day continues to be Haley Barbour’s proposed budget- specifically the mergers. While we have heard a lot of talking, mostly demagoguery from opponents, the legislature will soon have to come up with their own plans.

Without seeing an advanced copy of the Democrats proposals, I can guarantee this will be the center of the platform: raid the rainy day fund. It’s what they always want to do. It’s what they will propose again. But beyond that, I started to think about the potential fallout from the economic situation at hand. Ronnie Agnew had a good column over the weekend where he made the point that the term-limited Barbour was taking a hit for 2011 candidates.

Majority in Miss
Dec. 1, 2009