Billy “Nancy Pelosi” McCoy?

I know Billy well and have eaten a great deal of catfish in his presence. He is one of the most dedicated and compassionate public servants I know and I would do anything I could to help him if he called. But the truth is that the Republicans need a boogie man if they are going to motivate their electorate. Fear and anger are the two tools most often used by the political parties to motivate their bases. Just like they used Nancy Pelosi and the “future of America” strategy in National Politics, the MS Republican Party will tell voters to abandon their long time and faithful politicians in order to complete the change, which they feel, must come to the region. Billy McCoy, the Speaker of the House, is the last impediment to total control of the Mississippi State Government by the GOP. “We only need a few more seats to take back the house! Your seat is the one we must have! Help us win a long awaited victory and bring the State into the rightful hands of the GOP,” they will say. After seeing the 2010 cycle, I am obliged to say that it will probably work, especially in North Mississippi.

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