They are in no hurry to start redistricting bill

It’s something called politics. More specifically, politics, Republican style, as masterminded by Haley Barbour. Back in the 2011 session, with Democrats still in charge of the House, Barbour sent orders not to draw new legislative districts. Then-Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant did his part by scuttling a redistricting measure on the brink of adoption. Let the court do it they figured, as the best chance of getting a Republican-favorable House plan. Then, lo and behold, comes along the Nov. 2, 2011 elections under the old districting map, and Republicans win majority seats in both the House and Senate. What do we do now you elephant party types now running the show?

One thing is apparent already in the nascent 2012 session: the GOPers aren’t in any hurry to start a redistricting bill moving. They’re too busy thinking up ways to punish every Democrat in sight for having opposed their ideas in the past, no matter how extreme their ideas were.

Desoto TImes