MINOR: Bryant soft-pedals spill while cultivating Coast votes

JACKSON – Phil Bryant must have figured that the monstrous BP oil spill in the Gulf was a good opportunity to pick up some brownie points for his 2011 gubernatorial race, so he started hanging out on the Gulf Coast and weighing in with words of wisdom that it wasn’t nearly as bad as the news media said it was.

If you thought you were smelling oil fumes, you were wrong. It was probably from your lawn mower, Bryant added, and not the millions of gallons of crude oil being spewed into the Gulf from BP’s busted deepwater horizon oil well that was moving ever closer to Mississippi’s coastline.

And the tar balls that started showing up on the barrier islands and the beaches were harmless and could probably be recycled. Start up a new industry. Like manna from heaven. And create new jobs – that’s what I’m all about.

Cozying up to BP would be one way of showing his gratitude to the entire oil and gas industry which dropped $70,000 into his campaign fund the past two years.

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