BILL MINOR: Nobody is perfect, not even statesmen

Too bad author/commentator/professional Democratic consultant Jere Nash has taken John Stennis down from Mississippi’s slim Pantheon of statesmen, while scolding me for classing Stennis as a statesman.

If Stennis goes, who is left in Mississippi’s hall of statesmen? Even LQC Lamar is suspect in Nash’s estimation.

In Jere’s mind a politician has to be 100 percent pure to make the cut. In my six decades of covering Mississippi politicians I’ve seen none who fit that bill.

Jere puts high value on politicians who take a stand that puts their job at risk. He cites the late State Rep. Joe Wroten of Greenville as a prime example, being defeated after opposing Ross Barnett’s resistance to the enrollment of James Meredith at Ole Miss crisis.