Bill Minor: Voter ID rigs political system

My point if anyone has failed to see it is the whole photo ID scheme has virtually nothing to do with stopping fraudulent voting but has a lot to do with keeping people (certain people, mind you) from voting. Those “certain” people are heavily populated by blacks (of which we have more than any state), Hispanic and Asian minorities, elderly or handicapped people, and college-age people.

Secretary of State Hosemann talks lovingly about voter ID as a done deal so far as the federal courts are concerned. Well, he’s wrong. If he thinks Mississippi’s 2013 voter ID law is sacrosanct since it has never been put to a constitutional test in the federal courts, there is no guarantee its termination isn’t just around the corner.

Or possibly, Hosemann has been getting his news of what’s happening in the country from some off-the-charts partisan news source. Whether Hosemann knows it or not, recently ID laws similar to Mississippi’s have either been struck down or placed on hold as racially discriminatory by federal courts, including the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, in at least six states.

Clarion Ledger