MINOR – Paint Bill Luckett as primed to be Dem guv candidate

A thumbnail description of Bill Luckett is he’s a tall guy with a passion for painting (Sherwin-Williams variety, not landscapes or portraits).

But there’s more: On the shoulders of his 6-foot, 6-inch frame, apparently lie hopes of Mississippi Democrats in 2011 to stem the tide of Republicanism that has swept over the state and put a Democrat back in the governor’s chair.

Luckett is a successful 62-year-old lawyer in Clarksdale who has never run for public office and who has an uncanny work ethic. He can’t sit still unless he is starting up a new business enterprise, or personally overseeing restoration of old buildings. With his partner, famed movie actor Morgan Freeman, he owns Madidi, the city’s noted upscale restaurant, and Ground Zero Blues Club, attracting blues lovers from around the world.

Bill Minor