Bill Minor: Be wary of group tasked with MAEP revamp

Brown, considered one of the most knowledgeable school advocates, is now public service commissioner for the Central District. He recalls proudly how “we did everything openly and got wide input from various sectors.” Brown says the consulting group recommended only modest increases in total funding for MAEP, but one aspect still being implemented is supplemental food funding for at-risk children.

Chaney, who is quite involved right now in trying to get more health insurance companies to write policies in Mississippi, cautioned that if the Legislature “is not careful in restructuring MAEP, the state will wind up in the courts.”

The Clarion-Ledger has editorially endorsed giving EDBuild a chance to see whether it can improve the MAEP mechanism and defends the New Jersey firm’s claims of objectivity. The paper cites that the Mississippi Association of School Superintendents has endorsed the stated objectives of the MAEP review. It must be remembered that one of things done by the 2016 Legislature to scour special funds of various agencies was to wipe out the expense funds of superintendents to attend conferences.

Clarion Ledger