Bill Minor: Trump is antithesis of Mississippi values

Anyone down here who votes for this outlandish billionaire would have to concede he is the opposite of what Mississippi has always claimed to be: devoutly Christian, fiscally tight-fisted, pro-small government, business-friendly to a fault.

While we do not openly say so, we’re heavily dependent on federal dollars. Except we are spooked by the notion that our large black population gets too much in federal handouts.

Obviously the state’s Republican leadership has decided to embrace Trumpism (whatever that is) without looking behind the man’s whole record and bait-and-switch policy schemes. For instance, few if any remember that in 2000 he was a presidential candidate of the Reform Party. He said then he was for universal health care, pro-abortion, would cut taxes for the middle class, and raise taxes on the wealthy. If he stood outside the Governor’s Mansion on Capitol Street and said those things, he would be hauled off to Whitfield.

Clarion Ledger