Bill Minor: Reeves could learn from Jindal’s costly mistakes

Mississippi Republicans in 2003 recruited Reeves to run on their ticket for state treasurer, virtually snatching him from a junior banker’s cage in a Jackson bank. At age 29, the pink-cheeked Reeves became Mississippi’s youngest state-elected official in history.

Many political observers attributed his election to the fact Reeves is white, while his Democratic opponent in the general election, Gary Anderson, is an African-American whose experience in public finance — having served as chief fiscal officer under Gov. Ronnie Musgrove — was thought to give him a strong edge over the young, inexperienced Reeves. But it was not to happen. Skin color was believed to make the difference in a close race.

The ambitious Reeves has used his initial political victory as a stair step to higher office, landing now in the lieutenant governor’s job. That being so, the next stop in his political ladder obviously is the Governor’s Mansion. And what could be better than an income tax cut to run on in 2019?