Bill Minor: Mississippi Voter ID means of suppression

Hosemann has become the state’s Votemeister-General, deciding who will be allowed to vote and who will not. Herr Hosemann prides himself for thinking up ways to suppress certain citizens from voting. His key weapon: state-issued photo ID.

Recently at the Neshoba County Fair he applauded himself on how well his photo ID scheme has worked. A few days later on Mississippi Public Radio, he said the law has been “roaringly successful.”

I don’t recall anyone being arrested for having shown up at the polls impersonating someone else. If, as Hosemann says, voter photo ID has been “successful,” successful for whom? Certainly not for black (or elderly white) voters who are known to be the most adversely affected by having to produce accepted photo ID’s to vote….

…Derrick Johnson, president of the Mississippi NAACP, said his organization has contemplated challenging this state’s Voter ID law while awaiting the outcome of the Texas ID case. Looks as though sleepy times on the voting front will soon end in the Magnolia State.

Clarion Ledger