Dear fellow Republican,

In 40 short days we face one of the most pivotal turning points in our country’s history. On November 6th we as voters will decide the future of our country. Think about that for a minute – what a great and significant responsibility we have upon us. We will decide whether we want to continue down the current path of failure or if we want to turn the page. I’m confident those of you reading this are of the same opinion as me: We MUST defeat Barack Obama in November!

As we get closer to the election we must do everything we can to magnify our efforts. One way to do this is by making sure our friends and family are registered to vote. I’m always amazed by the number of people who profess conservative values and yet aren’t even voters.

Saturday, October 6 is the deadline. Please make sure that not only you are registered, but your family members, friends, people you go to church with, and co-workers are as well.

Circuit clerks’ offices across the state will be open on Saturday, October 6 from 8 a.m. until noon. If you register to vote through the mail, it must be postmarked by Sunday, October 7 but since most post offices won’t handle mail on Sunday, it is recommended you get it in the mail by Saturday.

Along with supporting Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, we must also support our candidates down the ballot, including:

Senate: Sen. Roger Wicker
House of Representatives, District 1: Rep. Alan Nunnelee
House of Representatives, District 2: Bill Marcy
House of Representatives, District 3: Rep. Gregg Harper
House of Representatives, District 4: Rep. Steven Palazzo
Supreme Court, Northern District: Josiah Coleman
Supreme Court, Central District: Chief Justice Bill Waller
Supreme Court, Southern District: Justice Mike Randolph

And our conservative county election commissioners
The stakes have never been this high and we need everyone’s support on November 6th. If you have not already joined our 1000-100-1 campaign- where we are asking 1,000 people to donate $100 each to make sure we have the resources needed to be successful on Election Day- please click here now to help us move ahead to victory. If you’ve already given, thank you very much. Rest assured that your donations are making a difference.

This is your Republican Party and I thank you for all you do to support it.

Brandon Payne
Executive Director, Mississippi Republican Party