Miss. Officials Comment on Presidential Debate

“With 3 Presidential debates and a Vice Presidential debate it’s going to be a very critical time.” Stacey Pickering was in Hattiesburg today to give an update on the Presidential campaign. Pickering is the Romeny campaign chair for the state. He says it’s a critical time as the race moves into it’s final 30 days, “Every vote’s going to count.”

He calls the race “neck and neck.” But says that conservatives across the state and nation are energized. “I think folks are going to watch the debate looking for that one knock out punch.”

“I think this debate will be very important, as they all are, but the first one likely will be the trendsetter.” Carolyn Warner is the Chairwoman for the Democratic National Convention, “The hot topic probably will be jobs. Probably will be economy.” Warner says Obama has an expansive view of the job to be done, “We are not an isolated little nation all by ourselves.”