Miss. Dem. Party – Nunnelee should be “ashamed” for leaving Jackson Monday night

Sen. Alan Nunnelee should be ashamed of himself, but I don’t guess you can hardly blame him. After all, he’s just following the leader.

Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant wants to run for governor, so he held up budget negotiations so he could move $60 million to be used in 2011 when his name would be on the ballot.

Gov. Haley Barbour wants to run for president, so he headed to D.C. for television interviews and is next going to Iowa and New Hampshire for fundraisers instead of helping fix the budget stalemate.

And now, Alan Nunnelee is bailing from Jackson tonight so he can attend the final stop of his “listening tour” before he decides to run for Congress next year.

Nunnelee should stay in Jackson and try to finalize a budget deal we hear is very close. In fact, one of the major stumbling blocks seems to be the governor’s “approval”, which is not required by state law.

Instead of staying home and working to convince the governor that the plan on the table is a good one, Nunnelee’s running away from his duties to tend to his political future.

It’s a real shame that three of our state’s leaders in this budgeting process are more concerned about themselves than they are the people of Mississippi. It’s no coincidence, though, that all three are Republicans.

I’d ask you to call Sen. Nunnelee’s office and tell him to do what’s right, but he won’t be there. He’s already on the road to DeSoto County.


Jamie Franks