Miss. Dems question if Nunnelee would have voted no

State Sen. Alan Nunnelee is saying one thing as a candidate but doing another thing as a state senator.

According to the Commercial Dispatch, Nunnelee told a crowd of tea party activists that he would have said no to health care months ago:

If Alan Nunnelee were in Washington now serving as Mississippi’s First District congressman, and was facing a decision whether to vote yes or no on President Barack Obama’s health care plan, he would have already announced his decision.

“I would have announced months ago I would vote no, and not wait until the 11th hour,” the Tupelo Republican said in comments at a Thursday meeting of the Columbus Tea Party.

First, it’s easy to say how you would have voted on an issue when you don’t actually have to cast the vote. Nunnelee is not a Congressman dealing with a complicated bill that has evolved over the past several months.

That said, Nunnelee has proven that when it comes to voting, he’ll say one thing after having done the complete opposite.

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