Miss. press- Obama should listen to Wicker

IN HIS response to President Obama’s State of the Union address, U.S. Sen. Roger Wicker offered some civility and bipartisanship, but he didn’t ignore the elephant in the nation’s living room.

Sen. Wicker, a Republican from Tupelo, praised the president’s plans to help small businesses survive the recession.

Small businesses provide most of the nation’s jobs. Federal programs that help small businesses obtain loans and expand will reduce unemployment and help the economy get back on track.

President Obama remains determined to push a health care overhaul through Congress, despite weak public support for the plan and rising public concern about the deficit.

He’d be wiser to adopt the “step-by-step approach” the junior senator from Mississippi touched on in his statement on the State of the Union. Such an approach would be more likely to win favor with Americans leery of government-managed health care.

More important, it would be far less likely to bankrupt the country.

Mississippi Press