MSU’s Dan Mullen talks Mississippi’s state flag

The debate regarding Mississippi’s state flag reached SEC Media Days Tuesday.

Mississippi State coach Dan Mullen addressed the issue but didn’t definitively share his opinion on whether the state should change it, since it contains the Confederate flag. Mississippi is the only state remaining on the NCAA’s postseason ban because the Confederate flag flies on state capitol grounds.

“That’s a lot for people in Jackson and for the people in Mississippi. I know I don’t see it very often. We don’t have it on our campus up,” Mullen said. “I do know we’re the most diverse campus in the Southeastern Conference. I know the university embraces that diversity.

“We’re so diverse, they have a Yankee as a head football coach in the Southeastern Conference.”…

…“I applaud our Governor for setting the initiative to remove the flag, and obviously it was received very well by just about everyone in our state and around the country,” South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier said. “Obviously, all of us in college sports, we know the importance of equality, race relations, everybody getting along.