British secret service put me in jail, claims Prince Harry’s party model

Donald Rafferty, her lawyer, said her treatment appeared excessive. He said: “She became very high-profile very quickly because of an interview she gave that had an impact.

“I am not convinced that Mississippi authorities were the ones necessarily stirring [things], but something was. She is disappointed and very upset over the way this is going down. She has several legitimate defences.”

In the US, writing cheques which do not clear can be a criminal offence. Officials at the circuit court of Harrison County confirmed that Miss Reichert had been arrested on a “felony bad cheque” charge.

According to Mr Rafferty, US authorities did not need to jail Miss Reichert but could have released her on bail. The Mississippi attorney general, however, treats “bad cheque” charges seriously and Miss Reichert could spend up to five years in prison if found guilty.

The attorney general in Mississippi said: “It is an open case and it would be inappropriate for us to comment.”

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