Bryant the man to build bridges, hoist state from depths

This publication has been more than critical of Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant in many areas, particularly during his run for governor, for which he will go head-to-head with Dave Dennis, Hudson Holliday and Ron Williams on Aug. 2 in the Republican primary.

Insiders admit to us that he has deserved much of the criticism.

His guffaws are numerous, but when all is said and done, he’s got the best boots.

Most importantly, and what will mean the most to governing Mississippi during the next four years, is Bryant connects to people.

Little old ladies adore him when he comes and speaks to their clubs, and they trust him on a level that is more meaningful than their adoration of his gorgeous gray locks.

We think Bryant is the one candidate who is uniquely positioned to be a coalition builder. Hopefully, he has Gov. Haley Barbour’s dossiers on every member of each chamber and both parties. Perhaps he will use them for good. Politics is the art of compromise and there has been far too little of that in the last eight years. We need to work together to move this state forward.

MS Business Journal