Analysis: Mississippi Association of Supervisors targets unfunded mandates on counties

Other bills on the supervisors association target list are:

— House Bill 1049, to increase the salary for court reporters based on their experience. It was passed by the House. MAS says the bill provides some funding from the state for one circuit or chancery court reporter, but it’s likely the county will be on the hook for paying others.

— House Bill 939, to increase the fee paid to election commissioners for work on nonelection days from $84 per day to $100. It has passed the House.

— House Bill 1319, to increase fees collected by constables. It has passed the House.

— Senate Bill 2390, to give sheriffs more money for “attempted service” of notices, which happens when a sheriff goes to serve a legal notice but cannot find the recipient. The law would allow the sheriff to collect a $35 fee for all attempts, and an additional $5 for every extra defendant in the household. It has passed the Senate.

— Senate Bill 2550, to allow cities and counties — not mandate — to use general fund or other taxpayer money to make tax increment financing bond payments when in danger of defaulting.