Mississippi Democrats are good at riding the fence in our conservative state. We are witnessing it once again this election year. Rarely is there even a hint of their true, liberal allegiance, because they know they would be unelectable in Mississippi if they openly expressed their innate beliefs.

Many in Mississippi still don’t believe that the state Democratic Party is as liberal as some of us contend. They simply cannot fathom their state representative, chancery clerk, or attorney general being aligned with the party of Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and the like.

But the proof is everywhere; all you have to do is look around and listen closely.

Don’t believe me?

In a video recorded and posted on YouTube by the Mississippi House Democrats honoring the outgoing Speaker, Billy McCoy says, “We’ve got so many great Democrats in this state… nationwide we’re on the upswing… We’ve got a great group of Democrats in this country and in this state and let’s work together, but we have to be organized. Again, I wish money wasn’t a thing that mattered, but President Obama showed us what you could do organizing with the average, common person for a dollar bill or ten dollars or whatever…”

Here’s the video (fast forward to 5:15 in)…

For a party that has publicly sought to distance themselves from Obama and the national Democrats, this seems a whole lot like they idolize the embattled President and seek to work hand in hand with their liberal national counterparts.

I have to ask… With whom do you most align your political and social ideologies? Pick a side…

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I dare say that a majority of Mississippians would circle the ones on the right 99.99% of the time. And if that is indeed the case, how can you as a conservative vote for a majority of those on the right and yet stifle their ability to push conservative ideals by voting for anyone on the left? You simply can’t vote for a Phil Bryant or a Phillip Gunn and then also support a Jim Hood and a Brandon Jones. It’s counterproductive for the conservative movement in Mississippi, unless you enjoy political theater that is.

Please don’t be fooled in November by the slick talking point and pretty pictures, my fellow Mississippians. Today’s Mississippi Democratic Party is not your grandfather’s Democratic Party. They are much more liberal politically and socially, and are working to push their liberal ideals on Mississippi and America, whether you see it day in and day out or not.

It’s time we finished the job of firing McCoy and his Boys in November and send a message to the Democratic Party that Mississippi doesn’t support with their liberal agenda for our state and this country. We must give Phil Bryant, Tate Reeves, and the state senate a conservative House if we want to move Mississippi forward.

And then, after November, we must press on, taking the conservative cause into the City Halls around Mississippi. That is the next battleground.

I hope you are engaged and in the fight. Be proud to be a conservative and don’t ride the fence with the Mississippi Democrats; you just might get a few splinters in your rear.