Either this shutdown has ignited Mississippi Democrat Party Chairman Rickey Cole’s passion or his party is in desperate need of funds.

Cole has sent at least three inflammatory emails to supporters in so many days bashing the Mississippi Republican Party and Tea Party groups, calling them anything from “nuts” to “jerks.”

Here’s a sample of the emails:

The Tea Party and their Congressional stooges really think they have won a great victory by shutting down the federal government. All over our state,
they are gloating that they “really put Obama and the Democrats back in their place.” I overheard just such a conversation this morning, and much the same is being said in your town, too.

I don’t know about you, but that makes my blood boil. Who do these jerks think they are?

Help us fight back. Let the Tea Party know that our President’s “place” is in the White House, and that we will never back down to their hostage tactics.

Please click here to make a donation of $50, $100 or more to our Victory Fund today.

Thank you for being in the struggle. We shall prevail. The future of Mississippi and America depends upon it.

Your friend,


Cole must have forgotten that he’s not in progressive Vermont like his guest this month, Senator Bernie Sanders, the self-described socialist, or in Chicago where such vitriolic rhetoric is commonplace.

But I will give him some kudos on one point: Before the 2011 state election we conservatives had to piece together storylines and search relentlessly to find the connection between the Mississippi Democratic Party and its national counterparts. They hid their ties well.

Now, Cole and his cronies are out there and proud of it.