Mississippi Dems, GOP invading Florida

GULFPORT — Mississippi Republicans and Democrats are heading to Florida in the days leading up to the Nov. 6 presidential election to knock on doors on behalf of their candidates.

In addition to the ground game, both state parties say they’ll also have people making calls on behalf of the candidates. Florida is a “swing state” and its 29 electoral votes are crucial in every presidential vote. Polling from the Sunshine State state shows a virtual tie between GOP nominee Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama, with some polls giving a slight edge to Romney. Mississippi, on the other hand, only has six electoral votes and most political observers expect Romney to win the Magnolia State easily.

Mississippi GOP Executive Director Brandon Payne said he’s expecting as many as 100 or so from his state to hit the road for Romney. Many will be leaving from South Mississippi and heading over to work in the panhandle region, but some will go on to Orlando and the central Florida area, he said.

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