Mississippi Editorial Roundup

The Sun Herald, Gulfport/Biloxi, on “Why not use Katrina money for wind pool?”

Legislators are already on record supporting putting additional money into the state wind pool to keep insurance rates for many South Mississippians from soaring even higher. But the source of that anticipated $20 million has yet to be determined.

We like state Treasurer Tate Reeves’ suggestion to take the money from the Disaster Recovery Fund, the LEAP Fund and the Gulf Tax Fund.

“The original intent when these funds were created and funded was to help with specific needs not otherwise addressed in Katrina recovery. I believe using these funds for the wind pool to help expedite recovery and development on the Coast keeps with the original intent of the legislation,” Reeves told the Sun Herald.

Not only do we agree, we find a pleasing symmetry in using Katrina money for a Katrina-related purpose.

On this issue, Reeves has become a champion for the Coast at the Capitol.

Vicksburg Post, on “Reactive: Legislature steers state into slow lane.”

Sometimes it seems that if members of the Mississippi Legislature were NASCAR drivers, they’d still be out on the track running in circles while others were toasting the winner or devising their strategy for the next weekend.

Behind the curve, so to speak.

Passage of a 50-cent, across-the-board increase in the state excise tax on cigarettes on Wednesday is an example. It took years and years to get Mississippi on par with neighboring states despite constant pressure from health advocacy groups. Apparently, some lawmakers needed the cover provided by declining tax revenue from vehicle sales.

Sun-Herald, and Vicksburg Post via AP