The Daily Word, 2/27/8

There are many local hunters who have deer and turkey hunting leases in Mississippi, so please read the following.

Last week, the Mississippi House of Represenatives passed HB 1089 to allow hunting deer over grain or other types of supplemental feed in Mississippi. According to outdoor writer, Bobby Cleveland with the Jackson Clarion-Ledger, the grain or food would have to be “placed in a feeder that keeps the food covered or protected from the direct elements of weather and the feeder is located only upon private property.”

The bill is now headed to the Mississippi Senate.

For years now, Louisiana regulations have allowed deer hunters to hunt and shoot deer over bait and grain on private lands without many critics.
For those of you who hunt the piney woods of northern and western Louisiana, such hunting over corn is commonplace because of an attempt to lure whitetails in areas with marginal deer habitat.