Mississippi Power Company to Suspend Gasifier Operations at Kemper County Facility

This afternoon, Mississippi Power Company notified the Mississippi Public Service Commission that it will immediately suspend lignite coal gasification operations at its Kemper County facility; the plant will continue operating as a natural gas plant.

Last week, the Mississippi Public Service Commission moved to have Mississippi Power Company and other parties reach a settlement in the Kemper County Power Plant case to relicense the plant as a natural gas facility. Also, the Public Service Commission moved for a settlement that would, at a minimum, result in no rate increase to customers and shield customers from any risks surrounding the lignite coal portion of the plant. Parties were given 45 days to reach a settlement once the Commission enters its order on the matter.

As settlement negotiations between the Public Utilities Staff, Mississippi Power Company, and other parties continue, the Public Service Commission will proceed with its plan to issue an order addressing the future of the Kemper County facility at its meeting on July 6, 2017.

MS PSC Press Release