Mississippi Republican Party Comments On 2nd Anniversary Of Obamacare

JACKSON- Two years ago today, President Barack Obama signed his massive government takeover of healthcare into law. The law is already negatively affecting Mississippians and it will only get worse in the years ahead.

“As Obamacare nears full implementation, the state of Mississippi is faced with approximately 360,000 new enrollees to the Medicaid program,” Gov. Phil Bryant stated. “The numerous unfunded mandates and unprecedented federal interference of Obamacare will hamper the State of Mississippi’s ability to pay its Medicaid obligations. The overall cost to implement Obamacare in Mississippi is estimated to be $1.7 billion over the next ten years, including an additional $443 million in year ten. The cost to Mississippi taxpayers and the fact that I believe this overbearing federal mandate is a violation of our right to choose healthcare are even more reasons for new leadership in Washington.”

“At a time when we hear every day how our existing entitlements have pushed our nation to the verge of bankruptcy, President Obama doubled down by creating the mother of all new entitlements,” remarked Joe Nosef, Chairman of the Mississippi Republican Party. “This new government takeover of our healthcare system will wreak havoc on our federal budget and state budgets across the country, including Mississippi’s.”

“The end result of Obamacare will mean that families in Mississippi will pay more for health care, and taxpayers will foot the bill for increased government spending,” Nosef continued. “Unaccountable government bureaucrats will make decisions once left to patients and their doctors and millions could lose the insurance they receive from their employers, something President Obama promised would never happen.”

Fact sheet- A closer look at Obamacare and its affect on Mississippians:

– Over the next decade, Obamacare will add more than 360,000 Mississippians to Medicaid rolls, meaning one-in-three residents will participate in the state’s Medicaid program. This will cost taxpayers between $225-$250 million per year from 2014 through 2020, rising to $443 million in 2020 alone. The total cost over the next decade will be $1.7 billion.

– Healthcare is now more expensive under Obamacare. The average cost of a family insurance policy increased by 9 percent last year while single employee coverage increased by 8 percent.

– Government spending will increase at an alarming rate. Spending on Social Security and health care programs will grow faster than nominal GDP by 2013, while Medicaid spending will double in 10 years. Obamacare will cost the federal government $1.76 trillion over the next 10 years, and that doesn’t include the additional costs Mississippi, as well as other states, will have to incur.

– Obamacare continues to hurt our economy with new mandates and regulations that put added costs on struggling businesses and job creators. It will also make it harder for businesses to hire new workers and grow the economy.
– Healthcare choices for Mississippians will be more limited while also having less say in their own healthcare.


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