Mississippi Republican Party issues information on primary

JACKSON- The Mississippi Republican Party announced the following information regarding the presidential preference primary on March 13.

Quote from Mississippi Republican Party Chairman Joe Nosef:

“We are excited to have multiple presidential candidates visit every corner of our state. Mississippians are ready to play a key role in selecting a Republican nominee for president who can defeat President Obama. Barack Obama has presided over a record period of unemployment and has pushed one failed policy after another. Voters in Mississippi are looking for a Republican who can turn the economy and this country around.”

Here are details on how Mississippi’s delegates are distributed:

Mississippi has a total of 40 delegates to award. A candidate needs 1,144 to secure the Republican nomination. Of the 40 total delegates, 3 are from the RNC (MSGOP Chairman, RNC committeeman, RNC committeewoman), 12 are from the four Congressional Districts (3 each), and 25 are At-Large.

The At-Large delegate allocation is proportional, but a candidate must get 15 percent before they are awarded any delegates. If a candidate wins a majority of the vote (50 percent plus 1), they will receive all 25 At-Large delegates. The same rules apply for the delegates awarded by Congressional Districts.

The delegates are bound to the candidate entitled to their vote until released.

For full details on the allocation of delegates, please visit the Mississippi Republican Party website.

Bonus delegates: There is a base of 10 delegates that each state receives. In addition to that, Mississippi received a total of 15 bonus delegates. Of those, 9 were awarded based on the 2008 presidential vote, one bonus for having a Republican governor, two for having two Republican Senators, one for having a majority of the House delegation, and one each for each chamber in the state legislature. Mississippi just received the 25th At-Large delegate for winning the state House in November.

Here is the latest campaign schedule:

Newt Gingrich

March 8

Jackson- Rally at the Hilton on County Line Road, 9 a.m.
Jackson- Fundraiser at Nick’s, 12 p.m. ($250 per person)
Tupelo- Rally at the Furniture Market, 3:30 p.m.
Southaven- Rally at the Ladner’s Center, 8 p.m.

March 12

Biloxi- The Gulf Coast Energy Summit, 10 a.m.

Contact the Gingrich campaign in Mississippi: Scott Brewster, [email protected], 601-405-9622

Mitt Romney

March 9

Jackson- Time and location TBA

Contact the Romney campaign in Mississippi: Austin Barbour, [email protected], 601-368-8455

Rick Santorum

March 7

Tupelo- Visit at Hawkeye Sheet Metal, 5 p.m.
Jackson- Rally at the Ag Museum, 7:30 p.m.

March 11

Meridian- Rally at Weidmann’s Restaurant, 12:30 p.m.
Gulfport- Rally at Lookout Steakhouse, 7:30 p.m.

March 12

Biloxi- The Gulf Coast Energy Summit, 10 a.m.

Contact the Santorum campaign in Mississippi: Chris Godbey, [email protected], 803-542-6722

Information on Ron Paul is not available.

For a regularly updated schedule of presidential candidates, please visit the Mississippi Republican Party website.

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