This is the flyer and social media post going around regarding a Tax Day Town Hall meeting in Oxford paid for by “Concerned Citizens”:

The AP writes of the event, “The Mississippi congressional delegation will not attend public forums set up by constituents in northeast Mississippi.”

That’s quite an opening line by the AP when you know the truth behind these public forums, or should we say “Gotcha Sessions” tailor-made for YouTube.

The “constituents” referenced here are a part of the Indivisible movement, a national effort conceived by congressional staffers following the election of President Donald Trump with the goal of taking down Trump’s agenda. That’s their own words, yet they also claim to be non-partisan.

The Indivisible website says, “We’d seen a model for success for how local activism can affect real change in Congress. If the Tea Party was able to take on a historically popular President Obama with a Democratic supermajority to slow and sometimes defeat his federal agenda, we can surely take on Donald Trump and the members of Congress who would do his bidding.”

But there is a clear distinction between this left wing manufactured “Gotcha Session” being promoted in places like Oxford versus the 2009 and 2010 town halls. What made the Obama era town halls so effective was that it was their own constituents that elected officials were counting on showing up who were mad. Just ask Travis Childers and Gene Taylor.

Blue Dogs got wiped out, not because just the other side was mad, but rather a sizable contingent of their own voters that put them in office were furious… and rightfully so.

These “Gotcha Sessions” today are by and large not inhabited by conservatives who’ve turned on their federal delegation. They are filled with folks who would never vote conservative and are just there for show, a chance at a viral social media post to raise their likes and YouTube views.

If you go to their “Act Locally” page you will see what organizations in Mississippi are affiliated with Indivisible:

Indivisible MS
– Progressive Starkville Network
– Action Together Oxford
Occupy Tupelo
Stand Together Jackson
Freedom Democratic Party
Hattiesburg Indivisible
Teed Party
Jackson Progressives
South Mississippi Indivisible
Army for Truth and Justice
MS Gulf Coast Indivisible
– Gulf Coast MS Solidarity
MS Delta Coalition for Equality
Indivisible DeSoto

Notice anything about these groups? They are all radically liberal organizations supported by the most progressive wing of the Democrat Party.

Here in Mississippi, the Indivisible MS group is obviously coordinating with Chairman Bobby Moak’s Democrat Party. The Lafayette County Democrats shared the town hall flyer on Twitter and Indivisible MS shared the @msdemocrats’ tweet on the Jackson County Federation of Democratic Women.

Birds of a feather.

For the AP, other “news” organizations, and the Cochran-Wicker haters on social media to hit Mississippi’s Republican Senators and Congressmen as if they are missing something legitimate and don’t want to face their constituents is ludicrous when you know the politics at play.

What’s more, the AP is a witting accomplice to this effort.

If you wouldn’t expect Democrat Congressman Bennie Thompson to attend a Club for Growth sponsored town hall meeting, then why expect Cochran, Wicker, Kelly or any other Republican to attend such a meeting sponsored by radical progressives?