Mississippi State’s assistant coach Woody McCorvey says he’s not going anywhere

Woody McCorvey doesn’t have time for speculation.
Oh, he knows it is going on out there. You can’t spend a lifetime as a college coach the way the 58-year-old McCorvey has and not know what’s being said about you, about your coach, about your team.
“It comes with the territory,” McCorvey said after another hard day at the office, where he was trying to figure out how to make this 3-6 Mississippi State football team better before it takes on No.1 and 10-0 Alabama on Saturday in Tuscaloosa.

“When I was a younger coach, things people said would bother me. Sometimes what people say is cruel. But now, you kind of get numb to it.”
McCorvey knows there is talk that when this season is over, so is Sylvester Croom’s time as head coach at State. Or that to save his job Croom will have to make staff changes, particularly on the offensive side where it has been ineffective and McCorvey is the coordinator.