Friday was a sad day for Mississippi.

Assuming the names given in the Washington Post article below is correct Senators Cochran and Wicker now officially OWN Obamacare. At the moment when Mississippi desperately needed men, two little boys showed up and allowed funding for Obamacare to be passed in the Senate. Make no mistake about this: it was their cloture vote that counted because what followed was a foregone conclusion. Their “yes” vote for cloture was actually a “yes” vote for funding this monstrous program.

Their “no” votes on the final bill was only for show and is a fraud that the people of Mississippi see through easily. Nothing was gained by this sell out. Clearly their votes are a major betrayal of their public trust and defiant of the overwhelming will of their constituents. By their votes they said “by the consent of the governed” be damned. Their vote will forever be hung around their necks and the people of Mississippi will not forget that they abandoned us at our most needy moment.

It now turns to our Congressmen. We will see if they are made of better stuff. Defunding Obamacare NOW is the hill that these men MUST be willing to die on. If they do not do everything possible to stop the Senate version in the House, then they too will OWN OBAMACARE.

This is the moment when YOU must take the initiative, exercise your responsibilities as a U.S. Citizen, and let our Congressmen know what you expect of them.

“It IS about our fundamental values.”

Roy Nicholson


Mississippi Tea Party

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