Join Us On An Important Trip
To The “Must Win” State Of Florida!

WHEN: Nov. 2-7
WHY: This election is a turning point for our country. We must win Florida! Please ask yourself, “Have I done everything I can to bring a new president to the White house?” Our Founding Fathers sacrificed so much, their homes, families, businesses. All we are asking for is a few days of vacation time. Not only will w e be making history but it will be an adventure you’ll never forget!
WHERE: We’re headed to Jacksonville, FL (& Duvall County)
COST: **FREE** Transportation, food and hotel are provided by Code Red USA, and WE NEED YOU !
TYPE OF WORK: We will be staging out of our hotel (headquarters) and working with local activists. We’ll be doing targeted door to door canvassing, phone calling and possibly some sign waving.
DETAILS: We will leave on Friday around 4:00PM from the K-Mart parking lot in Prattville, AL (located in central Alabama). We will be walking through selected neighborhoods and making targeted phone calls to voters on Sat-Tuesday. We’ll watch the election returns together Tuesday night at our hotel headquarters. We will depart from Jacksonville Wednesday morning and arrive back in Prattville that afternoon.

For more information call the local tea party office at 334-514-8174 and leave a message or email Becky at [email protected]
Visit The Mississippi Tea Party at: