The Mississippi Top 50 Award is being created to recognize those that help, by virtue of their position and talent, move the conversation in Mississippi forward. Mississippi is graced with tremendous talent in government, the political sphere, business, media and culture.

This is an annual list of the people judged to be the most influential leaders in the state. This bipartisan selection of leaders comes from the ranks of local, state and federal elected and appointed officials; political leaders; government affairs professionals; public policy advocates; economic development professionals; business leaders; media professionals and other leaders. Nominations are open through September 2.

The categories are:

• Elected/Appointed Government Officials
• Lobbying/Government Relations
• Business, Culture and Media

The awards are sponsored by Y’all Politics, Mississippi’s leading political website and SuperTalk Mississippi, Mississippi’s leading statewide radio network. Awardees are nominated through an open process. There is no cost to nominate, be nominated or to receive an award. However, one must be nominated to be considered. Nominees will be notified of their nomination immediately, and awardees will be notified of their selection in late 2016. Awardees will be announced via the website starting in early October.

Additionally, there will be three Mississippians recognized annually for “Emeritus” status. These are Mississippians who have made lasting contributions to the political, business and public policy landscape. The Emeritus awards are brought to you courtesy of Capitol Resources and Tower Loan Company.

There will be an awards ceremony on November 10, 2016, at the Old Capitol Inn in Jackson. Ticket and sponsor information will be made available on the MSTop50 website in the coming weeks.

Alan Lange of Y’all Politics and Steve Davenport of Supertalk appeared on the Paul Gallo show to announce the MSTop50 kickoff and to discuss this new project (audio starts at 28:00).