Mississippi Top Scoring Insurance Department in Nation in New Report

JACKSON – The Mississippi Insurance Department has ranked best in the nation in a new report that evaluates state governments on integrity and the ability to prevent corruption among state officials and employees.

Scores for all 50 insurance departments in the United States were part of the criteria used in the overall ranking of state governments. The Mississippi Insurance Department received an A grade, 91 percent, on questions regarding political and special interest influence, capacity to carry out its mandate, conflict of interest, and public document disclosure. Only one other state insurance department, Connecticut, was given an A grade with 90%.

“I am proud and honored that this report recognizes the outstanding effort the department makes in enforcing the laws and regulations in the state, while providing our citizens with the maximum amount of consumer protection,” Commissioner of Insurance Mike Chaney said.

“Every day our dedicated staff works hard to fulfill the goals of the Mississippi Insurance Department in creating the highest degree of economic security, quality of life, public safety and fire protection for the State’s citizens at the lowest possible cost. We are committed to providing assistance to consumers in a timely, caring and ethical fashion,” Chaney added.

Overall, the state of Mississippi received a C+ grade and ranked in the top ten states in the report. The “State Integrity Investigation Corruption Risk Report Card,” was created and released through the partnership of the Center for Public Integrity, Global Integrity and Public Radio International. The complete Report Card is available online at www.stateintegrity.org.

Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney Press Release