Trent Lott endorses John Kasich; Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden head to Cleveland: Ohio Politics Roundup

Trent Lott endorses Kasich: The Mississippi Republican and former Senate majority leader gives Kasich his second big endorsement from the South in as many weeks.

Here’s what Lott said in a release from the Kasich campaign:

I’ve known John Kasich a long time and watched with pride and admiration as, time and again, he’s shown the world what conservative ideas can do to strengthen economies and make our country more secure. His leadership on the House Budget Committee was essential to getting the federal budget balanced and he’s applied that same approach in Ohio and it’s brought his state back to life. We need his keen budget mind in the White House to help get our federal budget reined in.

His long experience on national security and foreign policy is just as critical, and his call for a stronger military – especially a stronger Navy, and better allied relationships will help make our country safer as the world only becomes more dangerous. I’m proud to join his team and I look forward to doing all I can to help him take back White House and strengthening our great nation.